In our dishes the good taste of simplicity

To get to the simplest, the truest one, you have to make a long journey. We turned the world and now we're back home.

A Friends Dream Come True

Classe Italia Ristorante was born from the will of a group of Italians, longtime residents in the Czech Republic, to propose the Italian Class in the restaurant area.

Our mission Is to satisfy the palate of our customers by getting to know our cuisine using quality Italian products, cooked by skilled and qualified cooks, absolutely Italians.

A good kitchen, respectful of tradition and the territory.

Behind the simplicity of the search. Behind clean dishes a reflection. Our is a light and recognizable kitchen.

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Italian aperitif, or a enjoy great dishes

We invite you to visit our restaurant for a themed evening. Or try an Italian aperitif, or enjoy great dishes prepared by our Italian chefs.

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You will rise from table with the desire to go back there

Pleasant and serene chatting about countryside hours. Hours passing and you do not notice it, until sunset comes to tell you that the city is waiting for you

Dec 31

New Year’s Eve dinner

Italská silvestrovská večeře s živou hudbou Cenone italiano di...

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Nov 9


We invite you to the opening of our...

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